Wireless Firing Systems
Truly Flexible.
Brilliantly Simple.
The Revolutionary firing system by fireTEK.
fireTEK Firing System
The world's most flexible firing system.
Whether large professional pyro musicals and competitions or distinctive weddings and backyard shows, the flexibility of the fireTEK Wireless Firing System allows convenient options for all.The design of the fireTEK equipment allows flexibility and redundancy unmatched by any other system
Why fireTEK
Firing system?

There are a lot of firing systems on the market and all of them can shoot a show. It is trhe options and features of the equipment that makes the difference for the user, the following are just a few:


The bFTM-99Sx and FTM-99Nx Controllers were designed and Developed especially for firing firework displays and other pyrotechnic effects. Focused on the needs of the professional and advanced hobbyist, the FTM Controllers provide bi-directional communication with up to 99 fireTek Modules across the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network.

The controller provide full controll of manual firing, automatic firing, and semi-automatic firing across the whole network. The controller allwes convenient control of the script including editing and disabling of effects on the go.


The NEW fireTEK FTQ-16×64 is the world’s most flexible firing module. Whether as a single module, as master modules controlling a whole network. or as a slave, the FTQ module gets the job done.

An FTQ module can control up to 64 firing channels in one position or across firing positions spread out hundreds on feet with fireTEK parallel rails allowing you to fire simultaneously across multiple positions with up to 29V of power.


We have put together some packages to help you on your fireworks journey. Below, you find anything you need to shoot an awesome backyard pyromusical with one module and DMX, all the way to the multi-module professional system. The packages were designed with levels of firework knowledge and to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Keep in mind that just because you begin with a starter system does not mean you cannot continue upgrade as you continue on your fireworks journey. fireTEK has been all and will always be the most flexible system you will ever own.


Other products that will surely help you to get started. Learn more about these products by clicking the button below.

fireTEK‘s goal is to become the desired choice for firing eqiupment. Focus is placed on the details to offer a save, reliable, efficient, and affordable system that provides 100% ignition.

The fireTEK architecture, design, and real-time error detection strives to minimize error that occur in the field that might result in a failed show or a safety issue.

fireTEK continually seek feedback from users and listens to client suggestions with an open mind. Some of the best improvements and innovations have been driven by our customers suggestions.