Wireless Firing Systems
Starting With a Single Firing Module

A single fireTEK module can operate as a stand alone module and can fire a script for both pyro and DMX (if it includes the DMX option), by use of the <<BWD and FWD >> operational buttons on the module.   

Synchronized audio and control can also be added with a connected Android device and fireTEK application.

With the fireTEK rails, a single module can provide multiple firing positions – hundreds of feet apart through UTP cables

With additional options, a module can be controlled or triggered by any of the following:  

  • A small RF Remote (FTQ)
  • The fireTEK FTM Controller
  • Timecode
  • GPS
  • External Pulse/Tigger from another system (even a simple firing system) or battery box 
  • A connected USB Mouse
  • A connected computer (up to 100ft away with a USB RJ45 Extender and UTP cable)
  • A connected Android Device (up to 100ft away with a USB RJ45 Extender and UTP cable)

The following video is a brief demo of a single module with an Small RF Remote

The following DMX Promotional video shows multiple ways a single FTQ module can be operated:  Stand Alone with or without audio, by other systems – even budget systems, with a small remote, with other modules, or with the FTM Controller.   Although the video highlights the operation of the fireTEK Direct DMX Control, setups are applicable to controlling fireworks, too. 

The following user video demos a single module with a USB RJ45 Extender and 100ft of UTP cable.

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