Wireless Firing Systems
FTQ Firmware

Current Stable FW 

0.43b  – See attached file 16x64v1-043b.bin below.

Beta FW



0.43b – addresses potential issue when uploading script


This FW is for the FTQ Modules ONLY!

To update the firmware with a Computer follow these steps:

1. Connect the FTQ module to the computer with a USB cable

2.  Press and Hold the <<BWD button while starting up the module, the module will start up in Firmware Update Mode and a “Firmware Up” folder will open on your computer.  

3.  Delete the file in the “Firmware Up” folder

4.  Copy the attached file to the “Firmware UP” folder

5.  Close the “Firmware Up” Folder

6.  Power Off the FTQ module

To update firmware with a USB drive follow these steps:

1. Use an USB drive maximum 32Gb. It must have USB C or use an USB C OTG adapter

2. Format as FAT32

3. Copy attached file to the USB drive – FOR USB loading you MUST change the name to 16x64v1.bin

4. Connect USB drive to module

5. Power off module (if it is not)

6. Press and hold button << BWD

7. Power on the module

8. Release button << BWD

9. Wait until module firmware is updated and module is powered on

After update test the module (system) exactly in the same way you intend to use it in a real show (use 1-2 igniters per module) 

For more information on USB drives see this article:  What are the USB Drive Requirements?

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