Wireless Firing Systems

FTQ-4x16 Small Special Effects Module

This is the NEW FTQ-4×16 Small Special Effects  wireless firing system module.  The most flexible wireless firing module on the market.

This is for the Stand module.  It includes the fireTEK internal wireless mesh.  It can be fired by the small remote or the fireTEK Controllers.  Fire other firing systems with external trigger, computer software or android via USB and/or panel buttons.  It can be shot in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic pyromusicial.


FTQ-4×16 Small Special Effects Module

• Internal 3.7V @ 2800mAh
• Internal Antenna
• 4 16 Channel Rail with LED
• USB-C Charging
• Small Remote Included

Can be fired using computer software, Android device via USB, panel buttons or small remote.  Can also be fired with fireTEK controller.

This module can be easily upgraded with additional options, including 2-wire, GPS and DMX


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