Wireless Firing Systems
Can Devices Function Across Firmware Versions?


Although it is recommended to always use the latest stable firmware for the equipment, the fireTEK equipment will create mesh networks and communicate across different firmware versions allowing you to fire your show.   

Obviously, certain firmware version-specific functions will not be operational.

Also, firmware updates are conducted via computer and a USB cable – there are no additional update devices to purchase.

Links to Firmware Notes:

  • FTQ : Coming soon
  • FTM : Coming soon
  • FTH  : Coming soon

fireTEK makes it easy to update firmware without having to purchase additional equipment or use additional software.  You simply transfer the FW file via a USB Thumb drive or a USB cable.     

Note:  The firmware  in this video is beta firmware, but the steps shown will work with other firmware levels. 

The following video from Team fireTEK USA shows how to update FW for the current FTM Controller and FTH modules

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