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Does fireTEK work with DMX?


fireTEK directly controls DMX.  fireTEK was the first in the industry to provide this feature and it has been functional for years with the prior FTQ-48Fx modules. 

Some other systems may be “compatible” with DMX, but they actually require you to purchase a separate 3rd Party DMX controller.  Those systems may be able to trigger the controller with a pulse or be synchronized via a separate timecode player, but they don’t directly control DMX.

the fireTEK system requires no additional 3rd party DMX or Timecode systems – that significantly simplifies the setup and minimizes equipment needed.  The fireTEK script can control the firing of the pyrotechnic cues and DMX simultaneously.  It also allows you to program multiple DMX sequences that can be manually played and repeated (very useful on live shows and similar to playing programed scenes on a DMX controller)

Note: If you have a different firing system and want to add DMX to it, the fireTEK FTQ modules can function as a DMX sequencer for your system (rather than purchasing additional DMX controllers and timecode devices), not only does that provide DMX to you system, but provides multiple programable firing cues and audio control with a connected android device.  

Other Notes:

  • with the new FTQ module the advanced script provides ramp control
  • finale3D provides DMX scripting functionality for fireTEK

This video demonstrates the combined pyrotechnic and DMX capability of the FTQ module.  Although this video show triggering this with a small RF Remote, this could also be run as a stand alone module, with a FTM Controller, via Timecode, via GPS, or even triggered by a pulse from another system. 

Here is a user’s video on YouTube showing the fireTEK FTH modules running DMX and Audio while triggered by a separate system.  The same capability exists with the FTQ modules.  

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