Wireless Firing Systems
fireTEK Audio Control

The flexible fireTEK System provides multiple configurations for adding audio to your show without purchasing additional expensive equipment or software.

Sync Box – Dedicated Audio Player
fireTEK provides a dedicated Music Sync Box that includes the fireTEK Wireless Mesh Network capabilities that allows you to put this device with the sound booth.   The Sync Box  has both an internal drive and can read audio files from an external USB drive.  The Sync Box provides high quality output with both unbalanced and balanced audio options and is just slightly smaller in size than the compact FTQ-16×64 module.

FTM Controller Internal Audio Player

The FTM Controller can be optioned with an internal audio player that can play MP3 or WAV files from both an internal drive and an external USB A Drive.  The audio player can also generate various timecodes.

 A FTM Controller can also function in AudioB mode as a slaved audio player to another FTM Controller or FTQ Module as master. 

fireTEK Android Application

A connected Android device can control synchronized audio.  The Android device with the included fireTEK app allows any fireTEK device control the audio through the App.  For example, you could place an FTQ module and Android device in the sound booth. 

fireTEK Computer Application

A connected Computer with the included fireTEK app can also control synchronized audio.  The Computer can be connected to any fireTEK device in Master Mode.  The following diagram shows the computer connected to an FTM-99 Controller, but it could also be an FTH or FTQ module in Master Mode connected to the Computer.

Timecode & Audio Player

With the Timecode option, audio can be provided by a separate device that simultaneously outputs Timecode to the fireTEK System.  fireTEK provides an application that will put timecode on the right or left channel of your audio track or there are multiple other means available online with little or no cost.  

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