We have put together a few examples of what you can do.

See why fireTEK wireless firing system is the most flexible, fully featured wireless firing sytem on the market. Whether you want to use a single module to shoot a full 64-channel pyromusicial or a multi-module large scale display, fireTEK wireless firing system can help you.

Below you will find several examples of what you can do with the most flexible wireless firing system in the world. Click on each description to open up a diagram of all the deployment options.

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One Module

What can you do with just one module, no remote and no seperate audio box? You might be surpised.

Multiple Modules

Now that you see how much you can do with one module, find out what you can do with multiple modules, still no remote and no additional audio box.

Remote and Modules

Let’s see now what we can do by adding a remote. I am sure by now you are starting to see just how flexible fireTEK is.