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FTQ 16×64 16 Channel Basic Module


Looking to “up” your backyard fireworks show?  This is a perfect start to your electronic firing journey.  This fireTEk FTQ-16×64, 16 channel module will allow you to wow your friends and family, add music  and flames or lights via our DMX Module upgrade.

DMX is included for FREE from now until the end of the year on modules with 32 or 64 channels.


This is the same FTQ-16×64 module as our Pro units without our fireTEK mesh wireless.  This is a single module setup that includes LiPO battery and charge with USB-C.  It can not connect to a fireTEK  Controller (it needs firetek wireless option). Basic module can be controlled using computer software,  Android device via USB,  panel buttons or optional small remote.

Do not think this is a stripped back to nothing module.  Watch this video, and see What can you do with a single module?

FTQ-64-16B 16 Channel Basic Module

• Internal 3.7V @ 2800mAh Battery
• Internal Antenna
• 1 16 Channel Rail with LED
• USB-C Charging
• Small Remote optional

This module can be upgraded as you grow your system, so you are not having to buy features you do not need while you are learning and growing in you fireworks journey.


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