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Interim Procedures for combining FTQ and FTH modules in a Show

Until updated firmware and software is stable and released, the following steps are used to combine both FTQ and FTH modules within the same show. 

The current interim procedure requires two scripts.  If using an FTM remote with the latest interim FTM firmware both FTM and FTQ modules will be displayed on the FTM Remote. 


For FTM and FTH modules create a script following the Original fireTEK Script Details.  This script needs to only contain the script for the FTH modules.    This script can be loaded into the FTM and FTH modules through standard methods; e.g., PyroIgnitionControl, fireTEK Show Designer, or FTKontrol App. 


For the FTQ modules create a separate script using the New 7.X fireTEK Script Details This script needs to only contain the script for the FTQ modules.  This script can be loaded into the FTQ modules directly via a USB thumb drive.  


FTM-99Sx:  Loaded with FTH Script

MOD ID 2:  FTH-48Fx pre-loaded with FTH Script (Rail 1 / CH1-12 and Rail 2 / CH1-12)

MOD ID 3:  FTH-48E pre-loaded with FTH Script (Rail 1 / CH1-12 and Rail 2 / CH1-12) 

MOD ID 1:  FTQ-16×64 pre-loaded with separate Pyro/DMX script – loaded via USB Drive (Rail 1 / CH1-CH16 & DMX)

In this example, the FTM-99Sx is loaded with the FTH Script and has a total for 48 events shown in the top right corner of the screen “E:48” and it requires 2 modules “N:2” but is also networked to the FTQ module for a total of 3 slaves. 

Although the FTM does not have the script loaded for the FTQ module, the the FTQ status, monitoring, and continuity will be shown on the FTM screen.  

Remember “M” in the FTM screen indicates that their is a script loaded in the Module that is not loaded in the controller.  The slaved module will still run the script synchronized to the time of the FTM controller.

For the FTH-48Fx and FTH-48E modules that have the script loaded into both the modules and the FTM Controller, a “K” will be shown in the FTM screen. 

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